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Medic. Muslim. Interested in: politics, philosophy, and life experiences.

How long is the pandemic going to last? Which vaccine is better? Do we need a third dose? What about natural immunity? Does it fade away with time? Can we get re-infected? Initially, the mode of transmission was thought to be droplet infection but now it is aerosol. Why does the information keep changing?

Answering such questions is not simple because science itself is a complex and messy process. Surprisingly the majority of the people do not know how scientific progress is made. And this abrupt exposure has left many of us in dismay.

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In ordinary times, many science journalists…

Despite, a year time, advances in the treatment, and a better understanding of the virus, here we are, with more than 2.5 crore cases and 2.7 lakh deaths. Adding around 4000 deaths daily from the past week, our country’s health care system has collapsed.

But, was this all avoidable? this catastrophe? could we have done better? This question will probably leave a void in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Damage is done. Our loved ones are gone. Not in grace, not in peace. But in agony. This feeling is and will be there for a long time…

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Is it a boy or a girl? What do you think?” asked an army-man while showing my pregnant mother a safe place to sit amidst a gunfight.

I think it is a boy” she answers, startled with the sound of the continuous gunfire that burned down the apartment we used to call our home. As my mom recalls, she says that I was born after a short time, our house got destroyed in an encounter between Indian Armed Forces and a couple of Rebels, who had somehow managed to sneak in into the apartment building. Many families lost their…

Of all the flawed systems — the most flawed is the system of education. And why do I say that? Because all of us have to face it with no alternative to proceed.

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Why conducting an Exam is not a good Idea

If the objective is to evaluate the progress of an entire session then the exams are not helping at all. I mean how bizarre it is! Even the sound of it! That a piece of question paper is supposed to evaluate an entire book you read. That the time and effort you gave your studies though-out the year comes down to 3 hours. This is ridiculous.


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If I would be given an offer to go back in time and start afresh, I would take it without blinking. Growing up in this technological boom and living a life that changed dramatically from our teens to 20’s is overwhelming. An unknown pressure crushing everyone and the unknown worry about the things that don’t matter in reality. Fake news and fake realities are the part of this present world. War and poverty are the least alarming issues rather the outfits of celebrities draw more attention. The planet is choking and we are only passing resolutions. …

In a happy and perfect family life I am privileged with, my only concern, a glitch, something that is evident and inevitable, a heartache that is mounting with every passing second — is that my Mom and Dad are turning grey.

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Watching Our Parents Grow Weak is Hurtful

An undeniable part of mortal life, a transition that every living soul has to witness yet hard to swallow. And for me, it seems unbearable. Being fully aware of their emotional and physical fragility, my absence and their loneliness is something I desperately want to overcome. Increasing age and physical dependence go along and this realization is deeply conscious…

To all religious fanatics — You can straightaway outcast me but have a read first.

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I believe in constructive criticism but the moment it humiliates the criticized, it loses its credibility and purpose. Pointing out faults and lacking has been the very basis of human development. One’s patriotism should not blind him from seeing the faults of his people. Biased opinions with an inclination towards our own can be more damaging than we think. And I find this very common, be it a religious or political bias, we turn to avoid unpleasantries. Our scholars have greatly emphasized on Prophetic stories…

Spoiler alert — Interview to The Wire by Karan Thapar

Photo taken from the official site of The Wire

Karan is famously known for his patience and hard questioning. His reputation as a responsible journalist is unquestionable and his work is exceptionally authentic. What makes his interviews elegant is his ability to pressure the interviewee, not letting anyone avoid a question. Karan is a specialist at finding Achilles’ heel and hitting hard until he breaks his opponent. Although Karan has always given people sitting next to him a really tough time it seemed like somebody flipped the coin in his previous interview.

I’m not into the credibility of Pakistan’s…

This is not something related to an individual, it is a cultural problem.

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It has been 4 years and it has been hard. My college life, if not entirely but mostly has been full of insults. And I’m sure, I am not alone in all this. At least my friends have had a fair amount of share as I have. Insults have become so customary that they don’t matter anymore. Like any other subject, it is a part of the curriculum that students don’t take seriously. But this iron-man that you see today was once a sensitive person who would…

“Tonight, @FLOTUS, and I tested positive for COVID-19,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday just after 1 am.“We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

Photo by REUTERS/Carlos Barria

At the age of 74 and therefore in a high-risk group, President Trump has tested positive for Covid-19, which so far has killed over 200,000 people in the United States alone. As far as his obesity is concerned which is a risk factor for a more severe form of the illness, the coming few weeks are going to be crucial. According to Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign…

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